The Rules of the Road

I almost ran over a guy on a bike one day. You wanna know why? He was riding his bike, after nightfall, wearing dark clothing, and going the wrong way down a one way street. Not only that, he was riding on the wrong side of the road.

Welcome to one of my biggest pet peeves: irresponsible runners and cyclists. Look, I love exploring town by foot and by bike as well. But the reality is, cars and trucks move a heck of a lot faster than I do, so it’s a good idea to get out of their way. Sometimes it just seems like people are trying to get hit…like tonight, when I was driving home in the dark snowy gloom and someone was biking against traffic over an interstate entrance ramp. What? Why would you do that?

For the record, cyclists should ride in the same direction as traffic. Runners should run in the opposite direction of traffic. It’s not that hard, folks.

And runners, don’t forget that you should always pass other runners, walkers, etc. on the left, not the right! That’s happened to me one too many times recently and it’s definitely another one of my pet peeves (not to mention a safety concern.)




Cookies and doughnuts

I absolutely love working remotely, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house to explore a new coffee shop or other work space. Today was a very special day, because I made my first visit to a dedicated coworking space.

Yelp Indy organized a fantastic event, collaborating with Cowork, Neidhammer Coffe Co., Sunrise Bakery, Clustertruck, and Ash & Elm Cider to keep us energized and productive all day long.
img_7399First of all, the coworking space is absolutely stunning, with awesome natural lighting. Not only that, the chairs are comfortable (my biggest beef with many coffee shops) and the desks are spacious. There’s a conference room with a high-tech tv and a phone room for taking calls without disturbing others in addition to private office spaces available. And did I mention that there’s a coffee shop right downstairs and after 4 p.m. you can grab a cider in the same building?

The food was all delicious. I was especially excited because img_7407Sunrise Bakery provided gluten free cookies (smiley faces and macaroons!) and we got free coffee in the morning. Clustertruck delivered an expansive lunch and we capped off the day with cider samples at Ash & Elm after work.

I really enjoyed working from a dedicated coworking space. It was nice to be surrounded by other people who were also working independently. I’ll definitely be back!

There’s a Cat Cafe in My Neighborhood!

img_7337Saturday was a fun-filled and busy day. It began with a long run that became a little longer than planned when I passed the out and back turnaround without realizing it. I ended up running an extra mile or so, feeling a bit like the Abominable Snow-woman in my layers of gear in the  January cold.

After coming home and showering, I headed over to Nine Lives Cat Cafe to meet my newest neighbors: a crew of sweet adoptable kitties! I’m really excited to watch this img_7334new business thrive because I love the business model. Cats from Indy Humane get a home and an opportunity to meet potential parents, as the cats at the cafe are adoptable. There is a $5 fee to hang out with the cats (you can also walk into the cafe to order food/drinks and watch them through the windows if cats aren’t your jam), but if you opt to adopt a cat from the cafe your $5 is reimbursed and they throw in another $5 toward the adoption fees.

The cafe serves Tinker Coffee and their own blend of teas, so there’s a little something for everyone. Check it out!

A Return to Running


My amazing friend Melissa met me at the finish line of the Chicago Marathon with flowers, tequila, and gluten free cookies from her and our other friend, also named Melissa.

I ran a marathon in 2012. It was one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve ever undertaken. It chewed me up and spit me out. I was injured before I got to the starting line and frankly shouldn’t have attempted to run, but a combination of stubbornness, the fact that it was ON my 25th birthday, and the sheer amount of cash I had spent on the weekend (hotel, food, transportation…even with the $150 race fee gifted to me, it was an expensive trip) worked together and I did it. I was practically crawling when I got to the finish line. Every step was painful. My shins were swollen, my fingers looked like sausages, and I was mentally broken. When I finally arrived at the finish line, I didn’t even get a medal due to a number of “bandits” who had run the course and taken medals that they hadn’t registered for. (Happily, the Chicago Marathon people were really cool and did send me a medal a few weeks later.)

After Chicago, I took a brief break from running before getting back to it. Then there were a few half marathons, a Spartan race, and the usual 5ks. But I kept getting injured, and I kept having to take breaks from running, which I hated. Because, you know, I’m actually one of those weirdos who likes to run.


Anyway, at some point after running one of my dream races with my friend Megan (Oak Barrel in Lynchburg, Tennessee, pictured at left) in spring 2015, I decided that the injuries weren’t worth the hassle and took my longest hiatus from running since I started track in junior high. I ran one lone mile in November 2016 and it felt great, but that’s it. I walked a couple of 5ks, but it just wasn’t the same.

When my friend Joanna told me that she’d like to complete a half marathon, I suggested the Indy Mini since it goes around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and she loves going to the 500 with her family. We planned to walk it, but then I saw that my gym was offering a training clinic three days a week, and, well…I signed up. It starts on January 16th and I don’t want my extended lack of miles to leave me lagging far behind on day one, so I started Couch to 5K for what feels like the 500th time.

Tuesday was gray but surprisingly warm for January, so I did my first run of the program outside. Today I hit the treadmill at the Y after going to morning yoga (thanks, insomnia) and so far, so good. I’m excited to make a slow return to the world of Gu and Garmins!

2017: The Year of Intention

14440730_10208394270472231_2218699252208472732_nThere’s something about January that lends itself to a fresh start. At the very least, it seems like a good time to reset my personal focus.

I really like the practice of choosing a word to frame goals for the year ahead. For 2017, I have chosen the word intention.

Intention is defined as 1) an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result and 2) the end or object intended; purpose.

Sometimes when life gets busy (as it has been lately) it’s easy for me to feel like I’m on autopilot. My goal for the year ahead is to be more intentional in my actions and to set habits that help me feel like I’m making the most of every day.

Here are a few of the things I want to focus on in 2017:

  • Spend less time on social media and more time reading.
  • Say “yes” and “no” with my own best interests in mind.
  • Spend more time with the people who matter most to me.
  • Travel somewhere new.
  • Turn 30 with grace.
  • Get focused in the gym and prepare for my next half marathon.
  • Read 30 new books.
  • Create something new each month.
  • Write more often.
  • Build more “slow” time into my days by spending more time drinking tea, going to yoga, reading, and cooking.
  • Try 30 new recipes.
  • Practice yoga 4x/month.
  • Go hiking at least 12 times.
  • Spend at least one weekend camping.

I’ll be documenting my upcoming adventures here!

“Our intention creates our reality.” -Wayne Dyer