There’s a Cat Cafe in My Neighborhood!

img_7337Saturday was a fun-filled and busy day. It began with a long run that became a little longer than planned when I passed the out and back turnaround without realizing it. I ended up running an extra mile or so, feeling a bit like the Abominable Snow-woman in my layers of gear in the  January cold.

After coming home and showering, I headed over to Nine Lives Cat Cafe to meet my newest neighbors: a crew of sweet adoptable kitties! I’m really excited to watch this img_7334new business thrive because I love the business model. Cats from Indy Humane get a home and an opportunity to meet potential parents, as the cats at the cafe are adoptable. There is a $5 fee to hang out with the cats (you can also walk into the cafe to order food/drinks and watch them through the windows if cats aren’t your jam), but if you opt to adopt a cat from the cafe your $5 is reimbursed and they throw in another $5 toward the adoption fees.

The cafe serves Tinker Coffee and their own blend of teas, so there’s a little something for everyone. Check it out!


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